THREE soldiers have been detained after a video emerged online of a fascist party held at an active Army base near Madrid.

The party was filmed at the Paracuellos del Jarama military base near Madrid-Barajas Airport and contained members of the army’s Parachute Brigade.

In the video, army personnel can be seen dancing to a cover version of the song Primavera, a song used by the infamous Blue Division that fought for the Nazi’s against the Soviet Union in WW2.

They can also be seen giving fascist salutes and raising drinks as they gathered to celebrate the Fiesta de la Inmaculada back on December 8 2019.

According to an anonymous source by Spanish media, “It is not unusual to hear this song, as well as comments between the top and middle managers against the Government.”

“It is also common to hear the support of Vox through the barracks,” said the anonymous soldier.

Since the party, the army learned of the events and began an investigation into identifying the soldiers involved.

As a result of the investigation, three soldiers have been reprimanded however details of the punishment have not been released.

It is expected that the soldiers will receive punishment for a ‘minor disciplinary offence’ which can range from a verbal warning to 14 days of military arrest.

It is also unclear whether the military has reprimanded for the consumption of alcohol on an active military base and the organising of an unauthorised party.

The video, leaked by Spanish news site La Marea and since shared online, has sparked further controversy towards Spain’s military after news emerged of former generals calling for mass executions.

In a leaked WhatsApp group chat between former retired army officials of the la XIX del Aire, they called for the shooting of 26 million left leaning citizens including children.

They also heavily criticised the government and referenced the pro-Franco book ‘Myths of the Civil War’ and called for ‘history to repeat itself’, referring to the mass slaughters during Franco’s regime.

Politicians have dismissed the chat as ‘drunken talk between old men’ but in light of recent events has unearthed a fascist undertone to Spain’s military.

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