GUARDIA CIVIL have discovered a farm housing 22 sick dogs, with another seven lying dead among them.

The report says the animals were kept in “deplorable conditions”.

Police say they were permanently locked up in inappropriate facilities, surrounded by their own faeces and urine.

Dogs 3
SICK: One of the pooches found

The grim discovery was made at a farm in Ambite de Tajuña, 60km east of the capital.

Two local people, aged 63 and 64, are being questioned for the continuing crimes of animal abuse.

Police say the couple have a history of similar events in another Madrid town. 

Dogs 1
RESCUED: Some of the 22 survivors are taken away

When discovered, authorities found the animals suffering without any veterinary care or paperwork.

Tragically, seven corpses were also found in an advanced state of decomposition.

Those survivors were affected by dysplasias, leishmaniasis, diabetes, blindness and carrying numerous parasites such as fleas and ticks.

They have since been transferred to the Comprehensive Center for Foster Animals (CIAAM) in Madrid for veterinary treatment and recovery.

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