A DRUNK driver has been arrested by police after driving the wrong down a motorway in Mallorca.

Guardia Civil has attempted to stop the man, aged 68, in their patrol car as he drove obliviously down the MA-1 in Andratx.

The man repeatedly ignored the police’s sirens as well as their loudspeaker instructions to pull over.

According to investigators, the man eventually stopped approximately 12 minutes later and was asked to undertake a breathalyser.

This indicated that he was four times over the legal limit for alcohol.

Thankfully, he avoided hitting any vehicles due to the motorway being practically empty.

He was swiftly arrested and charged with reckless driving and being under the influence of alcohol.

It comes weeks after a drunk motorist was arrested in Murcia after driving for 14 kilometres on the wrong side of a motorway.

The 42-year-old Peruvian national from Zurgena in Almeria was found to be three times over the alcohol limit.

His dangerous escapade was spotted by toll booth staff on the AP-7 motorway.

They notified the Guardia Civil with an officer quickly speeding to the area to intercept the car.

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