A 19-YEAR-OLD girl who worked as a prostitute in the outskirts of Valencia has been reported as missing.

Florina has not been seen since last Friday (January 8), when she reportedly got into an unidentified car that sped away from the scene and has not been seen since.

Her disappearance was reported by a colleague, who informed the Guardia Civil in Alfafar after Florina failed to return to the house where they were both currently staying and has not been seen at the spots were she usually works, and neither is she answering her phone.

The alarms went off within the Homicides department of the force when it was ascertained that the missing girl had been frequenting an area on the main road into Silla (Valencia) since before Christmas, where another girl was shot dead several years ago with no arrests made.

A recent protest calling for the abolition of prostitution
A recent protest calling for the abolition of prostitution

Furthermore, the case has been classed as high risk, given that three street prostitutes have been murdered in the Valencia area over the last year and a half.  

So far the Guardia Civil are keeping all hypotheses open, including the possibility that Florina may have escaped from the criminal gang that forced her to sell her body since she arrived from her native Romania just months ago.

Investigators are examining CCTV footage in an attempt to trace the movements of the car and identify the driver.

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