A Benidorm man who exacted abusive revenge on his wife for developing a friendship with another man, has been jailed for almost nine years.

The Guinean national was convicted in spite of his partner refusing to testify against him.

She had been tied up with a just a sheet to cover her and bundled into a car, which she managed to escape from when it was moving.

The driver of a vehicle that was behind, stopped to rescue her.

The events dated back to September 2019 at the couple’s Benidorm home, where the couple had lived for a decade.

The husband found out about his wife’s new liason and a heated argument ensued.

Because the woman refused to testify, her treatment afterwards could not be verified after she gave a statement in 2019 that accused her partner of imprisoning and humiliating her.

That included the accusation that she was locked in her bedroom ‘for days’ without any clothes and had to use a basin as a toilet.

Despite the lack of her testimony, the court convicted her husband after her car journey, some eight days after her ‘home imprisonment’ started.

The judges described as ‘absurd’ the excuse that he and his wife gave for the incident.

The husband said that he was taking her to Benidorm bus station and that it was ‘normal’ in their home country to dress in just a sheet.

She wore no other clothes and had no personal effects on her, as well as having her feet tied.

The Benidorm court ruled that the man’s wife was treated as she was a ‘parcel that he hates’.

The unnamed Guinean was given eight years and nine months in prison

after being convicted of gender violence; unlawful detention; and degrading treatment and coercion.

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