A LARGE crowd has been recorded beating a man almost unconscious after he allegedly sprayed a woman with nitric acid.

Tens of people can be seen throwing punches until the suspect falls to the ground outside a block of flats in Malaga city.

He is then repeatedly kicked while others jabbed him with household items-turned weapons, including a broomstick and an umbrella, before Policia Nacional arrived to arrest him.

The mob justice took place at around 8:20pm last night in the La Palma-Palmilla area of Malaga city.

The 31-year-old is accused of throwing the acid, which was mixed with water, on a 55-year-old woman.

In a dramatic turn of events, the victim was also arrested after officers discovered she was wanted in connection with another crime.

The alleged acid attacker is not believed to be romantically involved with the woman.

Policia Nacional have launched an investigation to uncover the motive behind the attack.

It comes after another acid attack earlier this month, also in Malaga, made headlines across the country.

26-year-old Jose Arcadio was arrested on Monday in the Entrerrios area of Mijas after spending four days on the run.

Arcadio became the prime suspect in an acid attack on two women in the Cartama area of Malaga last Tuesday.

Arcadio is currently in isolation in the Alhaurin de la Torre prison due to COVID-19 regulations preventing him from mixing with the other inmates.

He is due to sit in front of a court at the Court of Violence 3 of Malaga in the coming days for the attack, which left his ex-girlfriend and another woman with serious burns to their faces and bodies.

According to sources close to the case, Arcadio has denied all charges against him since the moment he was arrested, and continues to do so.

It is expected that he will also claim his innocence in the court hearing.

Reports are also emerging that the Melilla native is refusing food from the guards in an apparent ‘protest’ against his capture.

Arcadio has a history of violence and was due to sit trial on January 27 for a previous attack on a former girlfriend back in 2016.

During the attack in a nightclub in Marbella, he punched his ex in the face and dragged her down a flight of stairs before continuing his assault.

He then continued to harass her via her mobile phone, leading to a restraining order being placed on him.

Arcadio also has a chequered history of drug trafficking, driving offences and violence culminating in a total of 24 separate arrests and a further 22 warrants for his capture.

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