TWO court officials in Mallorca have been slapped with a fine after partying in a bar despite the island being under strict coronavirus restrictions.

The Palma Court employees were found drinking at a bar near the capital’s Via Alemania on Friday evening.

Police had been patrolling the area at the time when they heard loud music and singing coming from the premises.

Inside they found six people and the owner of the bar.

This included a woman dancing on a table, another woman sitting at the bar and four men who were smoking on the terrace.

Officers swiftly shut the illegal party down and proceeded to take the personal information of the revellers.

All were handed a fine for breaching the COVID-19 restrictions with the owner facing a more substantial penalty for opening the premises.

At present, Mallorca is under extremely tough restrictions where all ‘non-essential’ services are prohibited to the public.

This means that only supermarkets, pharmacies and petrol stations are open, with all bars, restaurants and shops being closed until at least January 26.

In a bizarre turn of events, after being asked to leave the bar by police, one of the court officials headed to his car and turned on the engine.

He then reversed out of his parking space before being stopped by police.

He was given a breathalyser test and was shown to be two times over the legal driving limit for alcohol.

Investigators say the man had a ‘cocky and defiant attitude’, and will now face the consequences of his actions ‘since no one is above the law’.

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