“DEMAND for healthy food has gone crazy,” says Ben Hayes, the head executive chef at Gym Junkie Cafe. “Especially at the start of the year, people are more conscious to make more smart choices when it comes to eating. But that doesn’t mean meals have to be boring.” 

Certainly not. Since opening five years ago, Gym Junkie has been serving up delicious lean clean meals without sacrificing flavour. 

And while Ben agrees the healthy eating boom really has grown from strength to strength, that’s not to say appetites haven’t changed over the years. 

“Using organic ingredients and offering vegan alternatives has become really important for us,” explains Ben. “We need to keep moving with the times.”

Gym Junkie Club 2

Part of that means a revamped menu, with an emphasis on homebaking and comforting flavours. 

“At this time of year it’s great to have comfort food with international flavours, like our Korean Beef dish. The secret is hearty lean beef, no salt and no oil and enough sauce to keep you satisfied.

“We’ve been making everything in house from our blueberry and banana bread, to protein bars and vegan super bowls, so everything is as fresh as it can possibly be.” 

The team has also launched their new online home delivery service www.gymjunkiecafe.es so that customers can stay fighting fit and healthy over lockdown and beyond. 

Gym Junkie 4

“We’re offering the full range of our menu delivered to your doorstep….fresh juices and smoothies packed with vitamins and nutrients to boost your immune system….exciting new specials every week.. and an improved meal prep menu….so you can trust that you are eating the right thing during lockdown without piling on the weight…. 

“It’s also great for people on their own, it’s much cheaper than buying in all the ingredients yourself and helps to minimise waste.” 

We also have available for purchase organic CBD products and gym supplements from our online shop www.gymjunkiecafe.es

“COVID has really changed things for a lot of people,” says Ben. “But we want to make sure we can still cater to our customer as best we can. 

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