WHEN I flippantly mentioned in my last column that I didn’t see many people writing that 2021 would be their year, I didn’t actually think that I would be wishing for the end of it just three weeks in.

Having reported on the pandemic since the early days of last year, I always thought I was more aware of catching the virus than most.

Living in splendid isolation on the lake I don’t really meet that many people, plus radio broadcasts mainly involve sitting in an empty room talking to yourself. Your basic job for mad people. 

Giles 4
Giles is home alone

The only time I met up with others was to see some of the Goddaughters over Christmas. My friend works at Bioparc Fuengirola, she is tested on a regular basis for the very good reason that you can’t really multitask when it comes to zoo animals. “Jose, I know that you normally feed the small reptiles, but Pedro has COVID, so could you just pop into the Tiger enclosure at feeding time?”

By the way. If you are wondering how you give a gorilla hand sanitiser, the answer is very, very carefully…

Even my hermit-like, if not downright anti social, behaviour couldn’t save me from the virus however. After the test revealed I was positive (and as a long time Marbella party person I’ve had worse things shoved up my nostrils, trust me) it was off for a spot of Fear and Self isolating in Istan.

And although I may grumble about people in Marbella at the best of times, as soon as my friends found I was unwell they were in touch bringing more food, fuel and even ready prepared meals. I was half expecting a bouncing bomb style package across the lake…

With the symptoms not shifting after my quarantine, friends suggested that I get checked out at the hospital. It was the busiest that I have seen, but the staff were unflappable and unflustered, even when a Brit, bored of waiting, ripped his tube out of his arm, leaking blood everywhere.

I’m happy to say that I seem to be on the mend and will soon be back to normal. Whatever that is. Stay safe. And wear a mask

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