ANDALUCIA has announced it will soon be illegal to sell alcohol past 6pm.

The new measure is aimed at lowering the risk of coronavirus transmission by ‘reducing drinking in the street’.

“We approved the closure of the hospitality industry at 6pm and from that time, the sale of alcohol will be prohibited to reinforce respect for the restrictions,” regional president Juanma Moreno said on Twitter.

It was a new measure which the Partido Popular leader had failed to mention at his press conference earlier today.

It is not yet known when the measure will come into force.

More details will be revealed when it is published in the official state gazette, known as the BOJA.

Moreno added that the curfew of 10pm to 6am remains in place across Andalucia, as does the closure of its outer perimeters.

People must also continue to meet up in groups of no larger than four.

“Awareness, commitment and caution must continue to be at their highest,” tweeted Moreno.

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