AN Alicante man pretended to be an Interpol officer in an elaborate ruse to threaten women if they refused to meet him.

Meetings were arranged in woodland close to Alicante’s Santa Barbara castle where the pervert took ‘intimate’ identification photos.

The 33-year-old was arrested by the Policia Nacional after several women complained that their images and personal details had been published on an ‘adult’ website.

Investigations uncovered that the victims were all members of internet sites looking for friendship and relationships.

The detained man copied and pasted their profiles onto the adult site which described them as prostitutes.

He then got in touch with the women via social networks to say that he worked for Interpol.

He threatened to expose them as prostitutes to their work colleagues and friends if they refused to meet him, as well as a warning that they were in danger from ‘foreign mafias’.

In one instance, a victim met him in a woodland area close to Santa Barbara castle in Alicante where he took intimate photos of her.

His reasoning was that he needed to compare her online image and whether she had the same marks and scars.

The Policia Nacional matched up photos and profiles that the man had stolen to put onto the adult website, with the personal details of people that had complained about him.

Officers tipped off all of the women that he might try and contact them for a personal meeting.

That ended up being his undoing, as another victim rang the police to say that the man wanted to meet her at the Santa Barbara woods.

The rendezvous was arranged but to the surprise of the extorter, Policia Nacional officers were waiting for him at the location.

Computers, mobile phones, and fake Interpol credentials were seized from his home.

He has been charged with committing crimes against privacy and moral integrity, as well as impersonating a police officer.

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