ONE or more hackers disrupted a Zoom conference about domestic violence to make death threats and post fascist videos.

San Vicente del Raspeig council’s Equality department set up an online public meeting on Wednesday(February 17) to discuss domestic abuse, with around 40 people logging on.

One of the main participants was a woman who had gone through violence in her relationship, but the session was then disrupted by one or more hackers.

The conference started off as planned with a talk from a social worker.

When the victim started her presentation, loud music started to blare out over the Zoom feed.

Images popped up of Nazi parades and Adolf Hitler in some of the Zoom windows, as a voice appeared with a tirade of threats.

It branded the victim as a ‘slut’ and ‘whore’ and told her that she ‘ought to go back to her kitchen’.

The language was peppered with profanity and included a threat to all of the participants that ‘you are all going to die’.

The Zoom conference was terminated and a complaint filed to the Guardia Civil.

San Vicente mayor, Jesus Villar, condemned the ‘sexist attack that the young woman suffered’.

“It is incomprehensible that something like this should happen with people wanting to spread hatred during a meeting that discusses such a sensitive matter,” he added.

All of the conference participants insisted that a recorded version of the meeting should be edited and posted on social media to show that the hacker or hackers would not silence them.

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