A BELGIUM man has been arrested in Malaga after years on the run for the attempted murder of his vet five years ago.

The 55-year-old was caught hiding out in a shelter in Malaga city centre by officers from the Policia Nacional after a European arrest warrant was placed on his head late last year.

The European Detention and Surrender Order (OEDE) was issued for a crime back in 2016 in his home country of Belgium, where the man attempted to kill his veterinarian whilst treating his dog.

According to the police statement, the man made an appointment with his local vet to euthanize the animal.

It was while the female vet was treating his dog that he took the opportunity to pounce, attempting to strangle her with his belt in a vicious unprovoked attack.

In the scuffle, the woman managed to break free and escape and fled outside, alerting passers by to the situation who contacted the authorities.

By this time the attacker has disappeared, and had been on the run ever since with a warrant for his arrest hanging over his head.

Police made the arrest after the man was found at a hideout without any official documentation or identification. It was only after his identity was discovered by officials, that the OEDE was confirmed.

The man appeared to be a career criminal, and his charges include attempted homicide, assault with serious injuries, illegal detention and robbery with violence, among other crimes.

He will now sit in front of the Central Court of Instruction Number 1 where he will find out whether he will be deported back to Belgium, where he is facing 15 years in prison.

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