SPAIN’S health ministry is weighing up whether or not to administer only one dose of the vaccine to those with prior COVID-19 infections.

During a press conference this Thursday, the State Secretary for Health, Silvia Calzon, together with the Director of the Coordination Centre for Health Alerts and Emergencies, Fernando Simon, announced that the ‘possibility of administering only one vaccine dose to those who have already had COVID-19 is being studied.’


According to recent findings, one vaccine dose may be enough for people already infected with COVID-19.

Researchers have found that those with prior coronavirus infections have a higher antibody response after one dose of vaccine than those who had not been infected and suggest that people who have previously tested positive for COVID-19 should be given just one dose of vaccine.

One of the studies found a far ‘more robust’ antibody response—10 to 20 times higher—compared to those who had not had COVID-19, even exceeding the level of protection generated in those who had never been infected after two doses of vaccine.

In response to these recent findings, Calzon said “we are once again debating on the best procedure to follow with people who have already had the disease, whether to vaccinate them with one or two doses.”

Additionally the State Secretary for Health has assured that ‘from April onwards, the availability of vaccines will be much greater’.

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