A Spanish couple rented a luxury villa in Calpe to set up a fully-fledged massive indoor marijuana farm.

Their operation came unstuck as they drained so much electricity that they tripped the power supply to the whole of their urbanisation.

That was the cue for the Guardia Civil to find out what caused the power spike, with strong suspicions that drug cultivation was the reason.

The married couple, who have two children including a newly-born baby, didn’t hang around in splitting up the villa into over 250 m2 of individual greenhouses.

Officers discovered two rooms were dedicated to growing marijuana and seized over a thousand plants.

The duo wasted no time in putting the farm together as they only moved into the villa last October.

They paid a €12,000 deposit plus a €2,000 monthly rental in cash which came from their previous drug-related activities.

The man and woman had an extensive criminal record going back over a decade as part of a family gang in the Murcia region.

No expense was spared in their Calpe drug operation with state-of-the-art air filtration systems.

They were deployed to avoid any smells seeping out of the property that would attract unwanted attention from their neighbours.

All of the plants were watered by a sophisticated drip irrigation system.

The couple have been charged with producing drugs and the illegal use of electricity.

They were bailed by a Denia court, despite their past record, on the condition they report to authorities on a weekly basis.

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