A 14-year-old boy has got himself into hot water after hijacking social media accounts belonging to two of his teachers.

He posted messages that offered good grades in return for sex but the ruse backfired on him as a fellow student rumbled his identity when she got him into a video chat.

The teenager then got the full force of the law in an unnamed Valencian Community town after a visit from the Policia Nacional.

The bad-taste prankster was arrested and charged with two counts of identity theft and the case is now in the hands of the Juvenile Prosecutor.

The joke turned into a criminal investigation after the police heard that two teachers from a school had their social media sites taken over by a third party.

The usurper contacted their colleagues as well as a female pupil to request videos and photos of a sexual nature.

The fake posts said that students would get better marks if they posted salacious material to them.

Unfortunately for the boy’s plans, the female student checked with the school to confirm that the sexual proposition did not come from the teachers and set an easy trap to get the teenager..

She simply asked him for a video chat and when he promptly appeared, she identified him and reported his name to the authorities.

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