POLICE in Mallorca have shut down an illegal party that had 40 people in attendance.

Policia Nacional and Policia Local raided the property in Manacor after receiving a handful of complaints from neighbours about the large gathering.

Once on the scene, officers found 40 people on the premises, 30 of which were adults and 10 of which were children.

Predicting that some of the revellers may make a run for it, a blockade was mounted on the property’s grounds.

Those that attempted to flee were swiftly stopped by this patrol.

Investigators say that all of the adults failed to wear a face mask.

They all now face a fine of €3,000 with the party’s organiser facing a penalty of up to €60,000 for their ‘serious violation of the law’.

At present, social gatherings between people that do not live together are allowed in the Balearic Islands but only with a maximum of six people in attendance.

It comes a week after a group of reality TV stars were arrested for their involvement in an alleged gang rape of a woman at an illegal party in Madrid.

The victim was allegedly drugged and sexually abused by the personalities who reportedly starred in the popular Spanish show La isla de las temptaciones.

Over 50 people had attended the party, breaking the COVID-19 regulations and ignoring safety measures imposed on the capital.

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