POLICE officers tracked down and arrested a man who almost ran over a security guard at Waterport Terraces.

The RGP worked hard all last night to track down potential tobacco smugglers around the Rock.

A total of 17 fines were issued for breaking the curfew to locals and Spaniards alike.

The night kicked off with a distressed Waterport Terrace security guard reporting that a Honda had almost hit him while driving at speed down Emerson Place.

Officers were quickly sent to the area and soon found the 40-year-old man of Repulse House.

He was arrested for dangerous driving, obstructing a customs officer and possession of a class B drug.

Four Spanish nationals found in Edinburgh Estate were taken to New Mole House police station.

Once there, they were all given Fixed Penalty Notices for breaking the curfew.

One of them had a walkie-talkie and will now be tried for not having a licence.

At the frontier two Spaniards and two locals were fined for breaking the curfew which ends this week.

A person with a walkie-talkie will now be processed for not having a license.

Nine more FPNs were issued to nine people believed to be involved in cigarette smuglling in Coaling Island, Queensway and British Lines Road.

Teen talk

On a more peaceful note, the RGP spoke to students from Bayside and Westside schools this morning.

They were lectured on anti-social behaviour, underage drinking, drug use, the effects of social media and the community social structure.

“For as long as I can remember, all decisions about our next generation’s future have been taken on their behalf by adults in their 40s, 50s and 60s,” said Sgt Calum Bruce, who gave the talk.

“This has taken place without consulting with those whose future it directly affects.”

Social media and the technological revolution has challenged that power structure.

Young people pointed they would like a place to hang out and socialise in the evenings without disturbing other people.

“Another area of importance to us was how they see their relationship with the police,” said Sgt Bruce.

“The idea behind the forum is to break down barriers between young people and the police and to find out what issues are affecting Gibraltar’s youth.”

PC Tanya Reddy, who helped give the talk, added: “We felt that the forum was well received by the students.

“They engaged well and actively voiced their opinion on a variety of subjects, including their thoughts on the police.”

Further talks to more secondary school and college students are planned for the coming weeks.

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