ALL travellers arriving to the Balearic Islands from other regions in Spain will have to prove they have tested negative for coronavirus.

The Balearic government has that from today until at least April 18, domestic tourists must present their negative PCR test with QR code to be granted entry into the Balearic Islands.

Those that fail to do so could be hit with a €3,000 fine.

Previously, a negative PCR was only needed if travelling from a region with an accumulated incidence rate of over 100 COVID-19 cases per 100,000 inhabitants

President Francina Armengol said this ‘tightening of restrictions’ was to ‘preserve the current health situation’ which has improved considerably in recent weeks.

So much so that Germany removed the Balearics from their list of ‘at risk areas’, allowing citizens to travel to the region without having to quarantine on their return home.

“We will be very strict with mobility because it is absolutely necessary that our de-escalation plan works.

“There will always be people who travel to the Balearic Islands at Easter and it is important that we prevent further contagions,” said Armengol.

This week, the Balearic government warned all those visiting the region over Easter to respect the COVID-19 restrictions currently in place.

Government spokesperson and tourism minister Iago Negueruela said that the rules would ‘be the same for everyone, no matter where they come from’.

Asking for ‘responsibility from all’ Negueruela hinted at authorities stepping up their surveillance in hotels and tourist hotspots to ensure the rules are not broken.


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