A man dumped a puppy with two broken legs in a Costa Blanca animal shelter car park and then went on what he described as an ‘urgent’ trip to Barcelona.

The Guardia Civil have charged the 20-year-old with animal cruelty and not having his dog registered.

The owner was traced through an Elche vet where the puppy got some early treatment for the fractures which happened due to an accident.

The man did not return with his pet, who was no older than six months, for any follow-up appointments.

He popped up though at the Protectora de Alicante animal shelter and told the hostel that he wanted to leave his puppy there because he was going to Barcelona.

The management refused his selfish request and suggested that he get a friend to look after his pet.

His response was to leave the dog lying in the car park, with the animal being barely able to move.

A visitor noticed it and told shelter staff who took the dog to an Alicante veterinary clinic the next day for surgery.

Four days later after the owner failed to return, the shelter reported what happened to the Guardia Civil.

The puppy has been named Roto and is being looked after until he gets a new permanent home.

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