SPAIN is set to raise the age limit for people receiving the AstraZeneca COVID vaccine from 55 to 65 years of age.

The Vaccine Report of the Public Health Commission has proposed the age extension which has been requested by medical groups and Spain’s regions including Andalucia and Valencia.

The increase in age range is expected to be approved by the Interterritorial Council.

AstraZeneca inoculations will resume this Wednesday(March 24) after Spain suspended their use over possible blood clot deaths caused by the vaccine.

Assurances from the European Medicines Agency last Thursday that AstraZeneca jabs were safe led to Spain and other EU countries reversing their suspension.

The age range raise means that workers aged between 55 and 65 in sectors like teaching, the police, and firefighters will get the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Pfizer and Moderna will continue to be used for people over 65 and those who have underlying health issues.

The Public Health Commission said that they are studying the use of AstraZeneca for the over-65s with a view to making a positive recommendation in the future.

There appears to be little if any problems in the UK where the vaccine is widely used and there are no age limits.

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