SPAIN’S Directorate-General for Traffic (DGT) has warned of significant penalties faced by those who do not comply with mask wearing safety regulations while in a vehicle.

Mask wearing is not compulsory if the driver is alone in the car, however, a badly placed mask that interferes with the driver’s vision, or impedes undivided attention, can be considered a serious offence by article 18.1 of the General Traffic Regulations.

According to the DGT the relevant fines for not complying with the current safety COVD-19 regulations are as follows:

  • In private transport of people in vehicles with up to nine seats, including the driver, as many people as there are seats in the vehicle may travel as long as they all live in the same house. In this case, it will not be necessary to wear a mask.
  • In the event that they do not live at the same address, two people may travel in each row of seats, provided that they wear a mask and respect the maximum possible distance between occupants.
  • On motorbikes, mopeds and vehicles with two approved seats (driver and passenger), two people may travel provided that they either wear a full-face helmet with a visor, or use a mask, or that they live in the same household. The use of gloves will be mandatory for the passenger and also for the driver in the case of motorbikes and mopeds, for these purposes, motorcycle protection gloves will be permitted.
  • In heavy vehicles, vans and vans with a single row of seats, a maximum of two people may travel as long as they wear a mask and keep the maximum possible distance.

The corresponding fines are as follows:

  • €80 fine: For a badly placed mask that interferes with the driver’s vision, or impedes undivided attention.
  • €100 Fine: If you are travelling with people who do not live with you and you are not wearing a mask. Children under six years of age or individuals with a medical justification are exempt.
  • €500: For drivers who remove their mask whilst driving, considered reckless or negligent driving.
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