A NATIONAL Police car caused a severe accident when it jumped a red light and crashed into a family travelling in another vehicle in Valencia city on Sunday evening.

Witnesses reported that the police car, with two officers inside, was driving at high speed through the bus lane on the Ronda Sur road when it jumped a red light and smashed into a Peugeot 307 occupied by two adults and their two small children.

Spokespeople for the force have revealed that the patrol was rushing to attend an emergency call-out due to a robbery, and that they were using the obligatory lights and siren.   

The police car reportedly flew through the air and landed upside down on a roundabout, while the family vehicle was pushed along the road.

National Police Car
A National Police car similar to the one involved in the accident

An ambulance crew, National and Local Police and fire department teams rushed to the scene and had to cut the officers free from the wreckage of the police car.

Meanwhile, passers-by helped the stunned family out of their vehicle.

Thankfully, no serious injuries were reported on either side, although the two officers were rushed to hospital for check-ups. 

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