ALICANTE City on the Costa Blanca is pushing forward with an application to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

If successful, it will get the same accolade as its close neighbouring city, Elche.

Preparatory work for Alicante to formally apply for UNESCO status started back in 2017.

Heritage sites are designated by UNESCO for having cultural, historical, scientific or another form of significance.

Successfully-accepted areas are judged to contain ‘cultural’ or ‘natural” heritage which can be classified as having outstanding value to humanity.

A committee will be formed to put together a submission from Alicante that UNESCO will hear alongside cities in Algeria and Tunisia.

Areas around the city that will feature in a presentation will include the Santa Barbara castle; the Huerta towers; and Tibi reservoir as well as Tabarca island.

As of last June, there were 1,121 World Heritage Sites, with 529 of them in Europe.

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