THE Balearic government has clarified the controversial new law that made face masks mandatory on beaches in Spain.

On Tuesday, the Spanish government published in the Official State Gazette (BOE) that masks would now be mandatory in all public spaces regardless if the safety distance of 1.5 metres was met.

This decision was quickly questioned by the Balearic government with health minister Patricia Gomez immediately appealing for flexibility on the measure.

“We believe that masks should not be worn on beaches if you are with people from the same household or if the safety distance can be respected,” said Gomez.

Finally, clarification was given and face masks will not have to be worn on any Balearic beach provided that two conditions are met.

The first is that you must be alone or with people from the same household and secondly, that a 1.5 metre distance can be kept from another person or group.

Gomez explained that this decision was taken as the new national law does not override its own regional legislation.

“There is a sentence in the national law that mentions ‘in conformity with the health authorities’.

“Our legal team understands that by this, our legislation is not superseded by the national one, and therefore, our own measures will remain in force.”

In line with this view, the minister said that she has already instructed police forces across the region to not sanction groups of cohabitants that do not wear a face mask at the beach over the Easter weekend.

Further clarification on the rule being applied on a long-term basis will be relayed to the public next week.


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