Spanish police have arrested 100 members of a gang which smuggled drugs across the Strait of Gibraltar into Spain using high powered speedboats.

The gang crossed sped across from Morocco with their illicit cargo unloading it on the River Guadalquivir near Sevilla.

In a statement and video released on Saturday, the Guardia Civil said they had seized more than five tonnes of hashish and 230 kg of marijuana in a series of raids.

The video showed the drug runners speeding across the Mediterranean in an inflatable speedboat powered by four engines.

It also showed footage of armed officers carrying out night time raids on gang members.

The extensive network of gang members including those employed just to make sure the speedboats were always full of fuel and ready to use.

Other gang members had the job of transferring the drugs into trucks carrying fruit while others drove the trucks up through Spain and France to supply dealers across Europe.

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