SHOPPERS at a Javea area supermarket were shocked yesterday(April 13) to witness a fight over somebody pushing into a check-out queue.

Even more staggering was that two elderly Spanish women, aged 66 and 77, were involved in the violent contretemps that saw one of them suffer a broken nose.

Eye-witnesses at the unnamed store reported seeing the women exchanging heated words.

The unseemly row was over the comparatively trivial matter of queue-jumpìng with accusations flying between the two angry shoppers.

Matters turned uglier as they started pushing and shoving before the 66-year-old landed a punch to break the older woman’s nose.

Supermarket staff called for help and Javea Policia Local and Guardia Civil officers arrived at the scene, along with paramedics.

The 66-year-old was arrested by the Guardia for assault.

An ambulance carted off the lady with the broken nose to hospital.

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