A GANG of lorry drivers tried to smuggle over 300kg of marijuana into Spain using a hidden compartment in a trucks’ floors. 

The men – part of a major drug trafficking gang – were busted by the cops Operation Kemel.

Officers from Guardia Civil say members of the organised criminal network used their extensive knowledge and expertise in the haulage industry to smuggle hash out of into Spain through the Port of Malaga. 

The police explained that the drugs were hidden in lorries that covered a commercial route to Melilla.

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Their investigations uncovered a gang of drug traffickers that used a transport company as a cover. 

Spices and condiments were sent, under a legal guise, from Malaga to a company in Melilla.

But when the lorry returned empty by sea to the Port of Malaga the drugs were hidden in a secret compartment under the vehicle’s floor.

The smugglers had hoped the drugs – worth hundreds of thousands of pounds on the streets- would be safe inside the secret compartment but their plans were rumbled when cops intercepted the trucks and found 300kg of hash inside. 

On 11 March Guardia Civil officers in Melilla arrested three more people accused of being part of a criminal organisation and drug trafficking.

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