A MAN has been arrested in Mallorca after calling the Guardia Civil repeatedly in order to insult them.

The Spanish man had phoned the police force’s emergency hotline a total of 54 times in a row last Thursday.

Every time the call was answered by an operator, the man threw a barrage of insults and profanities.

Evidently having enough of his random behaviour, the call was traced to a house in the s’Arenal de Llucmajor area.

A patrol was sent to the address with the phone pest being taken into custody.

There is no indication that the man was intoxicated by drugs or under the influence of alcohol.

It comes after an Irish expat was accused of ordering his pitbull to attack two police officers in Marbella. 

The unnamed suspect, who is also accused of punching and kicking both officers, was arrested after fleeing from a plain-clothed Policia Local unit.

When found at his home, the man allegedly ordered his dog to ounce on the officers, who received multiple bites on their hands and knees.


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