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Leader of a Castellon-based cult accused of sexually assaulting a follower arrested in Valencia 

THE leader of a cult in Castellon province accused of sexually assaulting one of his followers has been arrested in Valencia.  The accused, a Spanish...

Dani Alves rape allegation prompts Balearic bars and clubs to bring in protocol to protect women on a night...

THE rape accusation against Dani Alves, the former Barca footballer, has raised awkward conversations in Spain about the lack of protection for women on...

Foreign cyclist threatened with handcuffs for not having Spanish ID papers on Costa Blanca

AN Alicante sustainable transport group is claiming that a female Italian cyclist was unfairly harassed after parking her bike on a city pavement. The PCM...

Spain makes it a crime for pro-lifers to harrass women outside abortion clinics

A new law came into force on Thursday which stops women going for an abortion being harassed by demonstrators outside clinics in Spain. The measure...

Man kills girlfriend’s ex-partner by running him over in the street of Spain’s Valencia area

A 21-year-old Valencia Province man has been charged with homicide after running over and killing his girlfriend's ex-partner, also 21. The incident happened in Serra...

High Court in London rejects sovereign immunity for Spain’s Emeritus King, Juan Carlos, over damages claim by ex-mistress

SPAIN'S former monarch, Juan Carlos, could be forced to give evidence in a damages claim brought by his ex-mistress in a London High Court...

Staff at special needs home on Spain’s Costa Blanca arrested over mistreatment of autistic resident

FOUR people at an El Campello residential special needs centre have been arrested for allegedly harassing and mistreating an autistic person. Other staff members involved...

Man in Spain’s Mallorca calls Guardia Civil over 50 times in a row to insult them

Every time the call was answered by an operator, the man threw a barrage of insults and profanities

Spanish policewoman punished for toilet break while on period alleges harrassment

A Spanish policewoman is filing for harassment after being reprimanded for taking a toilet break while on her period.

Drunk groom-to-be faces jail for slapping air hostess

'He was looking at me as if I was a piece of meat' she tells court




Hair salon of horror: Sheep placenta and cancer-causing cosmetics are discovered by police in Spain during raids on beauty...

A SERIES of hair salons were discovered to be using banned cosmetics made from sheep placenta and other cancer-causing products. Police inspections of the salons...


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