ELECTRIC scooter owners may have their machines seized by authorities if they commit repeated offences against pedestrians or other car users under plans being considered by authorities.

Barcelona City Council is studying what legal means there could be to requisition scooters if their owners are convicted of serious or repeated offences.

At present if car drivers are stopped by police and a breath test shows they are substantially over the drink-driving limit, then their vehicles can be seized by police.

However, if riders of electric scooters are stopped for the same reason, they may face fines but will not lose their machines under current regulations.

Electric scooter Barcelona
Electric scooter owners could have machines seized under proposals being considered by Barcelona council. CORDON PRESS

Authorities want to make punishments the same for all road users, according to La Vanguardia newspaper.

“There is a small group of users of this type of vehicle who are especially irresponsible and this is increasing,” Albert Battle, deputy city mayor with responsibility for security, told the paper.

“We are not going to allow this type of rider to put at risk the safety of the rest of the road users.”

Mr Battle said once a plan had been finalised then the authority would send their proposals to the Spanish traffic authorities.

Smart Mobility, a collective which represents electric scooter companies, has urged the council to regulate the sector.

These companies fear that if the council does not regulate the sector then it may lead to the authority limiting the number of companies which are allowed to operate in Barcelona as has happened in Zaragoza and Seville where only two scooter companies are permitted.


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