ANDALUCIA has detected 1,444 COVID-19 cases in the past 24 hours, the lowest cumulative incidence rate for the eighth consecutive day. 

Tuesday’s caseload is much lower than the 3864 cases recorded at the start of the month on April 3, just days after Semana Santa. 

Sadly 22 more people have died from COVID-19 in Andalucia over the past 24 hours, with seven fatalities recorded on Monday. 

Out of the eight provinces, Sevilla registered the most new cases today with 355, followed by Granada with 259,  Cordoba with 226, Almeria with 194, Malaga with 165, Cadiz with 102, Jaén with 90 and Huelva with 53.

Granada province has registered the most deaths with six, followed by Cordoba with four, Seville with three, Almeria, Cordoba, Huelva and Jaén with two each and Malaga with one.


Hospital numbers are also continuing to drop, although not as fast as the infection rate.

There are now 346 coronavirus sufferers in Granada hospitals, 345 in Sevilla and 161 in Malaga. 


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