THE Junta has announced that it plans to open up mobility this week.

The Junta’s proposal will be put forward in today’s meeting of the Advisory Council on High Impact Public Health Alerts (the so-called committee of experts).

The committee of experts, which advises the regional government on the pandemic, will meet at 6pm this afternoon, Tuesday, to review the current restrictions in the region and update them in line with the evolution of the pandemic.

Andalucia’s Minister of Health, Jesus Aguirre has said he is ‘optimistic’ that mobility between Andalucian provinces will be permitted as of this weekend.

Provincial borders have been closed since Sunday, January 17 2021, and after over three months of strict lockdown rules and restrictions, the Junta is ready to ease some measures in view of the current downward infection trend.

According to Aguirre, the accumulated COVID-19 incidence rate in Andalucia has dropped for the seventh consecutive day to 240 and, for the sixth day in a row, the number of patients in hospital with coronavirus has decreased, a new low since April 16.

“Slowly but surely the numbers are going down and this is a very good sign,” Aguirre said.

“Especially Malaga province, which, with a rate of 137.7 at provincial level finds itself in a very good situation, the best in Andalucia.’ he added.

Along the same lines, Junta President, Juanma Moreno has also announced his optimism in regards to the possibility of relaxing the restrictions against COVID-19 in Andalucia, however, he stressed that ‘all of this will depend on our individual and collective behaviour and social responsibility’.


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