TORREVIEJA Local Police have upgraded their call-centre to prioritise emergencies and save money.

The renovations consist of new 12 monitors and state-of-the-art telephony systems to complement the 112 system.

Sources say the modernisation is to, “adapt to the new methodologies in the field of Citizen Security.”

Police Call Centre

Local Councilor for Security and Emergencies, Federico Alarcón, explained the renovation has coincided with the recruitment and training of new operators with a new supervisory position called Head of Room.

Over the next few months, a new computer system called ROMA system will also be rolled out.

That will be merged with the current system, making the Operating Room, “the nucleus of security surveillance in public places in the city of Torrevieja.”

Further improvements planned are the installation of a three-metre-square video wall, where all important information can be displayed at once.

The Policia Local are keen to mention that the refurbishment has been carried out by the municipal services, using their own resources, more specifically with the departments of Police, Innovation and Services.

They claim that the self-installation, configuration and subsequent cost-effectiveness will save more than €5,000 to the public purse.

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