MUSCLE cheats will be reeling after raids on anabolic steroid and hormone suppliers in La Linea and other parts of Spain.

Policia Nacional agents arrested suspects who would steal medicine from La Linea Hospital and make the illegal steroids in Gibraltar’s neighbouring town.

They would then sell them at two gyms in La Linea complete with false brands to make them look real.

In total, the Policia Nacional arrested 21 people and seized three million doses of the steroids across Spain.

Agents also found 65 kilos of ingredients to make 38 million doses in raids on 20 addresses in La Linea, Ciudad Real, Almeria, Castellon and Malaga.

The criminal organisation could make 1,000 kilos of illegal steroids a month, which was then injected into bodybuilding enthusiasts.

The investigation started after the authorities found over 500 boxes of anabolic steroids with fake brand names in La Linea.

Agents connected the products to a previously known steroid dealer in Valdepenas, Ciudad Real, where the illegal factory was based.

They then managed to link him with different points of distribution around Spain, including La Linea.

Anabolic steroids are very dangerous and can cause blood clots in the brain which can lead to death.

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