PEACE AND UNITY across the continent is being celebrated this Sunday, as Europe Day is held online.

Commemorated on May 9 every year, the Schuman Declaration set out the idea that Europe should have a whole new era of political cooperation after the end of the Second World War.

With the largely negative ramifications of Brexit and the UK’s departure from the EU, Sunday is considered more significant than ever before. 

The Olive Press have long championed the UK’s continued membership of the EU, and lament the fact that so many of our readers have suffered personal and financial hardship, because of the events of June 2016.

Some of the advantages of EU membership for the United Kingdom –

  • Peace & Security – Central and Western Europe has never known a period so long without war. The EU is the most successful peace project in human history.
  • The single market is the world’s most highly developed and open marketplace.
  • High food & environmental standards.
  • Consumer benefits.
  • Improved human rights.
  • Free movement of labour, goods, services and capital.
  • Buying Power – EU countries acting in unison have greater business acumen on the world stage. 
  • Regulatory and product standards are adopted worldwide as the global norm.
  • Phone and online services are regulated throughout the EU.
  • EU rules protect your rights in the event of delays or cancellations. Whether travelling by plane, train, boat or bus, you are entitled to fair treatment.
  • Workers are protected from unfair treatment in the workplace under the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. This bans discrimination, including in the areas of pay and dismissals.

Advantages of leaving the EU for the United Kingdom –

  • Yet to be confirmed

How to celebrate Europe Day!

The Olive Press have joined with to put together a few ideas for things you can do at home or socially-distanced with family or friends to celebrate your European identity this Europe Day. 

European picnic

If the weather is looking decent where you are, why not plan a day in the park with some of your favourite European food items? 

Choose from Danish pastries, Polish poppy seed rolls, French cheeses, German sausages, Spanish tapas, Italian pasta, Austrian Strudel, Belgium waffles, Greek Gyros, Hungarian Goulash, Norwegian Krumkake or even Swiss Fondue.

Brexit Food
GASTRONOMIC COMPARISON: Brexit represented in food form

Having a European picnic is also a lovely nod to the original ‘Pan-European picnic’, a 1989 peace demonstration held on the Austrain-Hungarian border which marked the beginning of the end for the Iron Curtain.

If you want to add a new culinary delicacy to your European picnic, why not take a look at this list of 50 traditional dishes from all over the continent?

European film night

A wealth of films have been produced in Europe over the last century, and with online streaming services it is easier than it’s ever been to discover new ones wherever you happen to be. 

Alternatively, you could take this opportunity to rediscover some of your old European film favourites on DVD.

If you’re looking for inspiration for modern films, here is a list of the best European films of the 21st century

And if the classics are more your choice, take a look at this list of films that defined the past century of European cinema.

Music Europe Day

The European Union also presents the second edition of #MusicEuropeDay online on 9 May. 

A dozen European artists will present their distinctiveness, diversity, and unique way of merging their traditions with modernity. It’s free to attend, just sign in to Facebook and join the event.


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