JUNTA chief, Juanma Moreno, has announced that a return to night curfew is on the cards.

Following a weekend where thousands of young people have been seen partying on the streets across Spain as the state of alarm lifted, Moreno has expressed his ‘worry and fear’ about the situation.

“The explosive mix of young people and alcohol was predictable: young people had not gone out for months and they really wanted to,” he said during a press conference this Monday, reproaching the government for introducing a ‘state of chaos’ with the end of the COVID-19 state of alarm.

“Everyone knew this would happen, except the government of Spain.”

“What would it have cost to extend the state of alarm for another month or five weeks until we had more people vaccinated?” he questioned before calling on the youth in Andalucia to be more responsible when going out and having fun.

“I know that there is a lot of desire to go out and have fun after everything we have suffered with the pandemic, but please: use your heads.” he said.

Asked about the possibility of extending the curfew, Moreno said that the nighttime restrictions have been a ‘fundamental instrument in the fight against the pandemic’ and subsequently, it was likely to be made available again ‘in regions which have a high coronavirus incidence rate.’

As a final reminder, the PP leader said: “The state of alarm may have ended, but the pandemic has not gone away, it continues to infect, it continues to hospitalise and it continues to kill.”


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