A CRUEL dog owner from Valverde del Jucar (Cuenca) is under investigation for allegedly cutting ‘noisy’ dogs’ vocal cords.

During a routine inspection by the Guardia Civil looking to crack down on puppy farming and animal abuse, eight neglected pooches were found.

According to official sources, eight adult dogs of small breeds (bichon maltese, pomeranian and chihuahua) were found hidden at the back of a vehicle parked inside a rural estate.

All the dogs were found in deplorable conditions, showing signs of malnutrition, external and internal tick and flea infections and several with conjunctivitis and eye wounds which required urgent veterinary care due to the severity of the injuries.

Most of the dogs also lacked the mandatory identification microchip and any records of the mandatory vaccinations, additionally the man could not prove ownership of the animals.

A further examination by the vets found that six of the eight dogs had undergone a cordectomy, a surgical procedure commonly known as debarking or bark softening.

The dogs have since been relocated to an animal shelter in the province of Toledo and the Guardia Civil have opened a case against the man for the alleged crime of animal abuse.


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