BATS and birds are being coaxed to have a home in a Costa Blanca park in order to fend off nasty pests and mosquitoes.

Boxes and bat shelters have been put up around El Recorral park in Rojales in a joint initiative between the water firm Hidraqua and the Faunatura Association.

The natural eco order, minus the use of artificial pesticides and chemical products, is seen as the perfect way to deal with unwanted pests.

Birds for example feed on insects like the processionary caterpìllar that damage pine trees as well as inflicting serious stings to children and even killing dogs.

Bats are seen as the perfect predator of mosquitoes.

A single bat can eat up to 1,200 mozzies in an hour!

Hidraqua manager, Sergio Azorin, said: “The project tries to create an urban ecosystem, which at the same time helps to solve the common issue of pests and mosquitoes.”

“By not resorting to insecticides, we minimise any inconvenience to people who use the park as well as protecting endangered species.”

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