A court has barred a man from seeing his wife after he mistreated her for wearing a skirt that was too short for his taste.

It was part of a pattern of controlling behaviour over a period of time.

The Murcia area husband seethed over the skirt’s hemline when he and his partner were entertaining friends at their home.

When they left, the man lost his temper and demanded that his wife change her skirt.

She refused and he poured beer over it.

She threatened to go to her parents home in Murcia City, but he hid her bag which contained her house keys and mobile phone.

His behaviour went as far as cutting-off the Wi-fi router to stop her contacting anybody else.

The Guardia Civil proceeded to charge him despite his partner not wanting to take the matter any further.

A court also granted an interim restraining order against the man to stay away from his wife.

He denied any mistreatment and told the Guardia that he had no idea where her bag was.

It has been revealed that here has been a long history of similar reports involving the couple as well as some of the man’s previous partners.

It’s alleged that he has a drug problem that contributes to his aggressive behaviour.


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