POLICE in Mallorca have launched a manhunt to locate the individual who opened fire on two people.

Yesterday evening, multiple gunshots rang out on Calle Santa Florentina in Palma’s Son Gotleu district.

Multiple locals called the emergency services and armed police were immediately deployed to the area.

At the scene, they found two people critically injured, one man who was shot twice in the back and another man who was shot in the shoulder.

The area was swiftly cordoned off in a bid to locate the gunman, but their efforts were too late, as the individual had already fled on foot from the scene.

CCTV footage is now being analysed by police to identify the suspect with witnesses attesting to local press that the shooting was a result of an ongoing conflict between two rival gypsy clans. 

This is the second major incident to rock the island this week after a 28-year-old pregnant woman and her seven-year-old son were murdered in Sa Pobla.

The lifeless bodies of the young mother, who was four-months-pregnant at the time of her death, and her child were found inside their home on Monday afternoon.

The woman’s ex-husband and father of the boy was taken into custody after confessing to relatives and later to investigators that he had killed the pair.


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