VISITORS to Gibraltar job sites on Facebook are being warned of an elaborate phishing scam that has so far claimed several thousands of pounds from unsuspecting victims.

The RGP’s Economic crime unit is currently investigating the scam and has so far recovered over £3,000 with the help of local residents.

The scam appears to be centered around ‘mystery shopping’ job adverts posted on sites on Facebook such as GibJobs and Gibraltar Things for Sale.

From the police investigations, they discovered that applicants enquiring about mystery shopping roles are persuaded to send the ’employer’ their bank details so they can be sent funds to purchase goods at the shops they are supposedly reviewing.

The reviewer is then sent several thousand pounds and asked to purchase items worth a few hundred pounds, usually gift vouchers, which are then sent to the criminals.

The victim is then asked to withdraw the remaining money in cash then convert it to cryptocurrency and send it back, or simply return the funds via bank transfer to an account outside of Gibraltar.

However the sting comes as the money that was transferred at the beginning was obtained by gaining unsuspecting victims bank details via phishing emails.

Police have advised to be aware and report any mystery shopper advertisement on the following sites, but warn they could be present on many more.

  • GibJobs
  • Gibwork
  • Unemployment Group Gibraltar
  • Gibraltar Things for Sale

They are also operating under the names of:

  • Claybel QUINONES
  • Bobby BENNETT
  • Zoltan FÜLLER

The RGP has urged anyone who spots any of these details or similar advertisements to contact 20072500 and has reminded people that ‘if something appears too good to be true, it usually is.’


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