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€1.1 million bank swindle uncovered after single customer complaint from Spain’s Costa Blanca

A single complaint from a Costa Blanca bank customer over €11,648 stolen from his account has exposed a nationwide €1.1 million swindle. The Guardia Civil...

‘Phishing’ gang steal at least €443,600 from hacked online bank accounts in Spain

A bank 'phishing' con netted a nationwide gang at least €443,600 from 146 victims. The Policia Nacional have arrested 13 people across Spain and are...

NEW SCAM WARNING: Innocent customers in Spain duped by fake email from bank security staff

CYBER-CRIMINALS posing as Banco Santander officials have been reported stealing the passwords of bank customers by Spain’s Internet Security Office (OSI). Innocent customers have been...

Power company Iberdrola admits personal details of 1.3 million customers in Spain were hacked

PERSONAL data of 1.3 million Iberdrola customers were hacked in a cyberattack on March 15 according to the El Pais newspaper. The criminals seized information...

Cybercriminals in Spain’s Costa Blanca area send bogus text message to steal €23,000 from bank account

FOUR people have been arrested in Alicante and Cartagena after stealing over €23,000 from a bank account via a 'smishing' scam. The thieves swindled a...

Barcelona hackers hoodwink phone shops into issuing SIM cards used to clear out bank accounts in Spain

A Barcelona-based gang emptied out people's bank accounts by tricking phone shops to give them replacement phone SIM cards. Eight people have been arrested in...

Spain’s CaixaBank warns customers about fake phone messages known as ‘smishing’

CaixaBank is warning customers to ignore bogus text messages that try to hijack their banking details. The so-called 'smishing' con sends out SMS messages asking...

Costa Blanca-based ‘smishing’ con fleeces €600,000 out of unsuspecting bank customers in Spain

A nationwide con saw 106 bank customers robbed of €600,000 from their accounts after they unknowingly provided access to their 'log-in' and personal details. Operation...

‘Phishing’ and ‘Smishing’ gang arrested for mass internet banking scam based in Costa Blanca area of Spain

A Costa Blanca gang led by four brothers have been arrested by the Guardia Civil over an internet scam that netted cash from 163...

Fraudsters scammed bank customers to steal PIN numbers for ATM withdrawals in Costa Blanca area of Spain

TWO men have been arrested in Dolores on 25 counts of bank fraud. They illegally obtained PIN numbers which were used in ATMs across Alicante...

SCAM ALERT: Warning of Bizum fraud in Spain

BIZUM fraud is on the rise due to the increased use of phone payments instead of cash. One of the main scams is to make...

‘Phishing’ and ‘Smishing’ gang on the Costa Blanca in Spain used credit card details conned out of victims

EIGHT people have been arrested in Almoradi and Torrevieja for running a nationwide scam that stole the credit card details of least 48 people. The...

Gibraltar phishing scam warning across Facebook job sites as thousands of pounds recovered

VISITORS to Gibraltar job sites on Facebook are being warned of an elaborate phishing scam that has so far claimed several thousands of pounds...

Warning over £1 million cyber attack on Gibraltar businesses

Police described the problem as ‘one of the biggest threats to Gibraltar’

HOLIDAY NIGHTMARE: Thousands scammed by fraudsters posing as Spanish holiday home owners

Conmen have attacked clients of a major booking site leaving holidaymakers with nowhere to stay and owners out of pocket





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