3 Apr, 2023 @ 17:35
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Infamous teenage hacker called ‘Alcasec’ jailed by court in Spain’s Madrid

Infamous Teenage Hacker Arrested And Jailed By Court In Spain's Madrid

THE NATIONAL COURT imprisoned a teenage cybercriminal on Monday for accessing a server where all documents related to criminal trials in Spain are kept.

19-year-old Jose Luis Huertas Rubio, known as Alcasec, was arrested in Madrid on Friday after he breached the server of the General Council of the Judiciary(CGPJ) in November.

The server contains the records and documents of all judicial proceedings at all levels in Spain, including previous cases involving himself.

He first attracted the attention of authorities in Granada in 2021 after he hacked the city council’s servers and altered the destination of payroll destinations.

Alcasec gained in confidence to hack other municipalities, the General Directorate of Traffic(DGT)- from where he issued driving licences- and the Policia Nacional.

He altered home delivery destinations for Burger King and hacked Madrid’s public bicycle system in addition to stealing €300,000 from the head of the Telecinco television channel.

He threatened to create a new kind of internet search engine featuring access to millions of stolen data items which he would sell to criminal gangs.

The search engine, called Udyat, had enormous criminal potential, linking up all of the stolen data taken from the police, judiciary, government departments, and local councils.

Now Alcasec has been charged with selling private information for profit- something that could get him five years in prison, if convicted.

He’s accused of accessing the details of 575,186 tax payers via the CGPJ hack which he achieved after hacking accounts of two Bilbao court officials, which in turn let him get into the Tax Agency servers.

Data was allegedly offered to two servers in Lithuanian operating via the ‘dark web’ and he’s also accused of ‘phishing’ bank accounts.

The judge agreed in Monday’s hearing that Alcasez posed a significant flight risk after the prosecutor asserted that he had ‘significant amounts of cryptocurrency’ to allow him to live anywhere in the world.

Alcasec branded himself as a social-media influencer with 107,000 followers, and away from keyboards, enjoyed the high-life buying champagne in Madrid nightclubs.


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