CaixaBank is warning customers to ignore bogus text messages that try to hijack their banking details.

The so-called ‘smishing’ con sends out SMS messages asking people to access the bank’s app or website.

Online fraudsters who send a link than take advantage to steal personal details to empty accounts or make purchases.

CaixaBank is recommending that clients take extreme precautions when receiving any SMS that requests access to ‘CaixaBankNow’, whatever the reason stated in the message,

Customers also need to read any text notification with the utmost care before making any account transfers and purchasing items to avoid being a victim of an illegal transaction.

The bank emphasises that nobody directly click on any links that come via text.

Instead clients should independently access ‘CaixaBankNow’ through the bank’s official ‘app’, or website,

They say that no bank will ever ask for digital banking access codes, or other personal data, via a mobile phone.

Messages that attempt to convey urgency like threatening an imminent account ‘lockout’ or offering prizes and special offers should also not be trusted.

The bank says it is a technique used regularly by fraudsters.

If there is any doubt about text messages, CaixaBank recommends clients to contact their Customer Service department or a local branch.


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