TO paraphrase the old adage: first comes love, then comes carriage.

At least that was the thinking behind Alfonso Sanchez latest romantic comedy Sí, quiero (Corredor)- a new short film created to help push for the creation of the Mediterranean Corridor, a high speed train that would connect the Mediterranean coast from Algeciras to the French border. 

Starring Alvaro Cervantes, Nuria Herrero, Macarena Gomez and Carlos Santos, the movie tells the story of a couple travelling on the Euromed train from Barcelona to Alicante, where their wedding is to be held.

The journey brings together the pair’s very different families who have travelled from Valencia and Catalunya to attend the nuptials and hilarity quickly ensues as the two clans clash over everything from delayed trains to Spanish stereotypes. 

Currently the corridor to Murcia is expected to be completed by 2023 but the links to Algeciras could face delays of a further six years. 

To watch the film, viewers are asked to go to where they will be asked to sign a petition for the completion of the infrastructure in order to gain access to the movie. 

he 23-minute romp premiered in Valencia and was attended by the President of the Association Valenciana de Empresarios (AVE), Vicente Boluda, who hosted a panel discussion with the cast. 

Bouda said: “Beyond business meetings, with this work we continue with the policy of publicising the Corridor and for it to be carried out in the shortest possible time.

“The Mediterranean Corridor is a question of the State and of Spain. It is a crucial infrastructure at an industrial level and for the transport of passengers  so it is absolutely essential that it be completed as soon as possible.”


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