IN news that will come as a huge relief to all those British drivers resident in Spain who are in the process of exchanging their driving licences, the deadline has been extended until December 31.

The British Embassy in Madrid has confirmed the six-month extension but warned that it only applies those who registered their intent to exchange their licence for a Spanish one with the DGT before the end of last year.

“If you registered your details to exchange your UK driving licence for a Spanish licence before the end of last year, the deadline of June 30th 2021 has been extended until December 31st 2021, to allow you more time to complete your licence exchange,” the Embassy said in a post on its Brits in Spain facebook page.

There was hope even for those who have had their exchange rejected, an issue that The Olive Press reported earlier this month.

“If you have attempted to complete the exchange of your licence since January 1st but your application was rejected due to your TIE being dated to 2021, the DGT office will get in touch with you directly to arrange for the completion of the exchange.

“If this is your situation, and you do not hear anything after a few weeks, you should request an appointment with the DGT. “

“The DGT has also confirmed that both the green residence document and the TIE are valid proof of residence when completing the exchange,” the British Embassy added.

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For those who have experienced problems with DGT officials, the British Embassy directs them to an official note from the Spanish government that should help clear things up.

“You can see the Spanish government’s bilingual nota aclaratoria that states the ongoing validity of the green residency certificate here,” they said.

However, there is a grey area, as the rules that mean British licences will no longer be valid for residents driving in Spain after June 30 remain in place.

“The current date for recognition of UK licences for driving in Spain for those who are resident in Spain remains 30th June 2021”, the UK Embassy stressed. 

And for those who hadn’t registered their intent with the DGT before the deadline at the end of last year, the news was less good, as no new agreement has yet been struck, despite promises from senior diplomats that it was on the cards.

In  March, David Hunt, the Head of Citizens’ Rights and Mobility Department (Europe Directorate) at the FCDO told The Olive Press: “We are in discussions with Spanish authorities on arrangements for future exchange of UK licences.”

“We are working on an agreement that will allow Brits to exchange their driving licences for Spanish ones without the need to undergo a practical test,” he said.


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