FOLLOWING an argument with his parents, aged 14, hotheaded Andres Canto took a pickax into the garden and started digging. 

Six years later, the hole is now a den with a bedroom, wifi and sound system.

Andres, from La Romana in Alicante says he can’t remember what the fight was about – but is delighted his bizarre act of petulance became an obsession, even enlisting a friend with a pneumatic drill to blast the ten foot deep cave.

The excavation was done by hand using buckets but  as Andres went deeper and deeper he developed a homemade pully system.

The layout of his retreat was often determined by the obstacles that got in the way of the project and authorities even paid him a visit to make sure the build was legal. 

Like his parents, they found no issue with Andres unique protect, which he estimates has cost him a grand total of €50. 

The aspiring actor said the labor of love was inspired by his passion for building huts and treehouses as a child. 

“I have always liked to build little huts. I live in the countryside and often when I found abandoned wood there, I would build a nice house,” he said.

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