A SERIES of changes have been introduced to the Spanish version of the MOT – the ITV.

As of today (Tuesday June 1), drivers passing the vehicle safety test should keep a few new things in mind.

Until now, if an error was found in the ABS braking system on a vehicle that was not required by law to be fitted with the technology, it was classed as a minor fault that did not cause the driver to fail the test.

This has now changed, and if a vehicle is fitted with ABS, the system is required to work perfectly – otherwise the MOT will not be renewed.

Rearview mirrors must also be found to be in perfect condition. If there is a danger that they may fall off, the test will be failed.  

A second change works in favour of drivers, as ITV inspectors will now be able to check the paperwork online. This means a test can be taken even if the driver forgets to take their papers with them.

An ITV station

Lastly, and perhaps most significantly, the Spanish MOT has been adapted to Brexit.

This effectively means that all vehicles imported from the UK are now classed as coming from a third country, meaning owners are obliged to perform all necessary import procedures and other paperwork before taking the ITV.

For further information and to register a vehicle, click https://sede.dgt.gob.es/es/vehiculos/matriculaciones-de-vehiculos/matriculacion-ordinaria/index.shtml

This week’s changes also affect the potential penalties faced by drivers who fail to meet the requirements.

Having an out-of-date ITV will now be punished with a €200 fine plus a requirement to pass the test immediately. This affects all vehicles currently in circulation, even if they are stored in a garage and not used at present.

If a vehicle fails the ITV, drivers have a maximum of two months to repair the faults and retake the exam. In the meantime, the vehicle can only be driven to a garage and back to the ITV station.

Being caught after the two-month period or driving somewhere else apart from these two destinations will also lead to a €200 fine.

However, the amount of the penalty rises to €500 if a driver is caught with a vehicle that was found to have severe safety faults, in which case it is banned from being on the road in any circumstances and can only be taken to a garage by a tow truck.


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