Traveling is an essential part of life. Either for work or holidays, we often go from one place to another. With traveling, you can refresh yourself while skipping from the usual mundane life. But traveling is no fun without carrying your essential items. And when it comes to choosing them, you want to be very specific knowing your needs and carrying accordingly. 3D printing lets you customize travel items for your travel at your own home.

Yes! That’s true! You can manufacture your items according to your preference using a 3D printer. All you need is a 3D design file. And if you are new to 3D printing and yet not exposed to too many technicalities, you don’t need to worry. Because you can get the 3D design file of the most essential items, be it your own lost luggage kit, online. How cool is that, yeah? It’s the accessibility and ability to customize that make 3D printing so popular. There are online 3D printing repositories from which you can download the 3D design file for your travel item. That being said, Allow us to give a few examples of essential travel items that you should print.

  1. Tube luggage tag 

Even if it’s a last-minute decision to travel, putting a luggage tag is always beneficial. It’s one of those things that are a must to do while on travel. So that, whenever your luggage gets lost, there is a chance for someone who gets it, to reach out to you. This Tube luggage tab is very flexible; you can tie it around the handle of your luggage. But before doing that, all you need to do is write down your address and contact details on a piece of paper, open the tube, and put the paper inside. The screw cap of this part ensures that your details are safe inside. You can download the 3D design file of this travel item from Shapeways.

Available in black and white colors, this tube luggage tag is made from strong but flexible nylon plastic and it looks super cool to match your clothing and the rest of your luggage. Say “No!” to the chances of losing your luggage, use this tube luggage tag.

  1.  Hooks

They are tiny in size but have an extra-large potential for keeping your bag or clothing in a hanging position. These hooks give you the ability to hang your items at locations you prefer. You do not need to remain confined till the hooks are provided behind the main door or bathroom door. For 3D printing these hooks, you do not need to slow down your speed of printing, need no support. They can be printed in fast mode. But, you will need to download the 3D design file from Cults3D.

  1. Charging Station

The kind of lives we live in, it is necessary to not include other things if they do not permit you to carry your phone and its charger. In such a time, isn’t it wonderful to carry a phone stand cum charging station on your travels? You can 3D print this item by downloading its 3D design file from Cults3D. You are recommended by the designer to print its base and choose the right connector adapter as well as the top holder for your phone. The file format of this 3D design file is STL. Check out Pick 3D printer‘s article to learn more on the best sites for free 3D printer STL files.

  1. Mini Chess

What is traveling without playing? Those moments in which you have nothing to do; but wait for someone or someplace to come, can be filled with playing if you are carrying this 3D printed mini chess with you. Even though this isn’t an essential item, but we recommend you to have one. You can 3D print this Chess set with 0.1 mm resolution to get the best result. Of course, you will need some supports in two grooves on the box, the rest of it prints smoothly even without support.

It will only take you somewhere around four hours to print this game. The material quantity that you require for 3D printing is 67 grams. Whereas the dimensions of this game are 94 mm * 94 mm * 2 mm. You can 3D print it using PLA as well, but provided your 3D printer has a good cooling fan.

  1. Lost Luggage kit

Finally! If this is what you have been waiting for; after reading the title of this article; it’s here! This Lost Luggage Kit is brought to be 3D printed in concept by Janne Kytthanen. The complete set includes a pair of platform shoes, a cuff bracelet, driving gloves, a pair of sunglasses, a digital watch, and a fashionable knuckle duster. These items are folded to fit a large shoulder bag which is as cool as compact it is.

There is an idea about keeping 3D printers at Hotels and Airports around the globe so travelers can get away from the burden of carrying the travel bag with themselves. Instead, they can get to the airport or their hotel and 3D print the essential travel items they need. You are given the freedom to lose your travel kit if you wish to without any regrets.

The Conclusion

These are the most essential travel items that can make your travel a lot smoother. The tube luggage tag will ensure your luggage never gets lost. The hooks will guarantee you convenience. Lost Luggage kit is the perfect example of how cozy and yet how fulfilling the overall luggage kit of anyone can be. When you are traveling there is always some room for playing at times when you have nothing else to do. So, that area would be taken care of by the mini chess set.

And last but not the least, you want your phone to be turned on for a complete twenty-four hours, at least while you are traveling. 3D printing has huge scopes to change the world of the travel industry and a micro part of that change starts with 3D printing your essential travel items. So, begin analyzing what all you can do with your 3D printer to make your travel hassle-free and fun.

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